Why Is Business So Hard?

Why is business so hard?

Well, the good news is, it doesn’t have to be. If you own or operate a business you are the manager, the customer service representative, HR department, accounts receivable, the stock person, operations director, the porter, you hire and fire, ordering supplies… you get the hint. Does this sound familiar? For most business owners & operators, unfortunately it does. 

A business owner or operator that is working is not a business owner. Think about this for a moment.

A business owner that is working actively on the business, rather than in the business- is a business owner. 

How do you plan on growing your business and running it effectively if you operate all facets of your business? Business does not have to be this difficult. We’ll tell you how.

The key is to delegate and optimize tasks that are time consuming, non-relevant to your role, eliminate arduous tasks, and ultimately free up your valuable time.

Why is time so valuable? Simple. You can’t buy time. Time is your most valuable asset as a business owner and in your life. The great news is you can buy resources to free up your time in order to focus on higher level tasks, such as growing your business, marketing, advertising, etc… How much more could you do to grow your business if you had just a few extra hours per day to focus on high value tasks?

A great example of a task that plagues most businesses is cleaning. No one wants to clean- it’s physically demanding, arduous, unpleasant, and occurs typically at the end of the day. Not to mention your own employees despise cleaning after a long day of work. These factors lead to a job being completed half way- at best.

What happens when the appearance of your business isn’t spotless? Customers notice. Not good.

You may ask, “So how do I free up my time so I can do things that really matter to me and my business?” Simple. In the above example, it would be to outsource your cleaning. That’s hours of work daily taken off of your hands allowing you to go home earlier, free up your valuable time and resources to do what you really need to. Imagine bringing life back to your business simply by outsourcing a mundane task like cleaning. 


We will leave you with this- leave specialized tasks to the pros and you focus on what you do best and what adds value to your business. Your life and business will thank you!

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