What Do My Customers Want From Me??

What do my customers want from me? 

We have all heard the expression, “To each his own.” 

Its a simple phrase, but a relevant and powerful one.

Simply put, your customers are demanding, there’s a ton of competition, they expect the best of the best. You feel the pressure to provide the best possible service and experience your client could possibly have – emphasis on experience and here’s why this should matter to you.

We are all familiar with Apple- you know, the iPhone company. They are successful because they curated a pristine end user experience for the consumer. Chances are you have an Apple product in your pocket or at home (or like me- several).

What kept you coming back for more? It was the experience. Walk into any Apple store and it is pristine. Now imagine walking into an Apple store and it was dirty- the floors, the tables, the staff were unkempt – impossible right? 

So what do your customers want from you?

Your customers want the experience. Yes, believe it or not, its the experience that matters sometimes more than the actual service or product. 

Why is the experience so important?

Simple. Its human nature to associate, feel and absorb a positive experience with a sense of belonging to a brand. Think about this for a second. A negative experience detracts from your brand, product, or services. You want customers who are promoters not detractors for your brand. 

Your businesses image (literally and figuratively) is a critical component to your reputation.

Let’s say you own a restaurant and your customer notices the silverware is stained, the floor is covered in crumbs, there’s a stain on your plate, the lighting above your table is dusty, the restrooms are dirty… sound familiar? The food may be great but the experience was tarnished by an unclean environment. I wouldn’t go back.

Now compare the restaurant experience with Apple – big difference, right? Apple keeps their space pristine by design. Apple knows the importance of image.

Keeping your business clean not only reflects on your business, your reputation relies on it. Your customer wants a polished experience from start to finish. You need to ensure your customer has an amazing experience. Your appearance matters, especially in a world of social media and camera phones- everywhere. 


Bottom line: excellent customer service, a great product or service, and just as equally if not of greater importance is appearance- the complete experience. 

Next time a customer walks in through the door, remind yourself…”What would I want as a customer?” We think you know the answer. Think different, it’s all about the experience. 

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