The Power of Proof


It’s no secret that now more than ever, social proof is a huge driver of a brand’s success. So why is this still such an underutilized marketing tactic for many businesses?

1. Realize the Power in Proof

Chances are you have at least a few long time clients or customers who your business has really impacted (maybe you’re food reminds them of home or your clothing makes them feel unstoppable) – that’s awesome!

But keeping that to yourself is doing your business and other people you might be able to serve, a disservice. Nothing is more convincing than hearing real stories from the real people who know and love your brand.

2. Ask for Testimonials

People tend to underestimate just how willing, even excited, others often are to share their story.

Approach those loyal clients and ask them if you can film a short video testimonial about their experience. It doesn’t have to be fancy, make a list of questions, film it on an iPhone and use these cheap clip on mics if you need better sound. Trust us, 9 times out of 10 they will be more than willing to do so.

3. Share it – Here, There and Everywhere

A good marketer will film a video testimonial but a great one will use the video, audio, text quotes, etc. and dice it up to use on every platform possible – in other words, if you’re not getting tons of use out of each piece of content you create, you’re missing a huge opportunity!

Post the full testimonial on your website and content marketing landing pages. Cut it up and post clips on Instagram or Snapchat, grab quotes and post on Twitter or your blog, etc. As you build up a library of this kind of content, potential clients or customers will be able to see an army of social proof that your business is the real deal.

4. Plan for Future Content

Ask a few new customers if you can document their journey with your business and in return you could offer them a discount of some sort.

Now depending on what kind of business you have this may sound strange, but hear us out – for example, if you are a restaurant, see if they’d be willing to try all the major dishes on the menu and document their reactions and experience OR if you’re a salon, document their hair journey from start to finish – you get the idea.

Documenting a journey and sharing it with your followers and future potential customers is powerful social proof and builds trust through transparency. More over, this is newsworthy and could be pitched to news outlets to feature these journeys in a story about your business.


Bottom line: your biggest advocates and best marketing tools are right there in front of you everyday – your clients & customers – all you have to do is ask to share their stories!

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