OUR Cleaning Packages

Spruce Up

Best for: When you just need the basics and aren't concerned about the little details. Recommended for warehouses and office spaces that don't hold client meetings.


Best for: When detail is king and you want a truly spotless space. For customer, client or student-facing spaces and office spaces with regular client meetings.


Best for: When detail is important but on a less frequent basis. Recommended for any space that falls in between needing just the basics and top-tier detail.


Best for: when you've had construction/renovation or have newly moved-in to a space and need a fresh start. Recommended before opening any new space following construction or move-in.


Best for: When your floors need some extra attention. Recommended for all customer, client or student facing facilities, frequency depending on traffic.

What each package includes

  • Basic dusting: ventilation, lighting, furniture, shelving, tops of cabients, baseboards on a weekly or less frequent basis
  • Disinfect surfaces: counters, desks, bathrooms, door handles, phones, computers/keyboards, wastebaskets
  • Spot clean interior glass (storefront windows excluded)
  • Sweep/mop or vacuum flooring
  • Remove garbage & replace bags
  • Heavy dusting: full dust of ceilings, walls, cabients, furniture & baseboards
  • Multi-stage wipe down of: walls, counters, cabinets, bathrooms, furniture, baseboards
  • Glass cleaning: interior/exterior windows and glass
  • Removal of stains: walls, doors, counters, baseboards and floors
  • Floor cleaning: sweep/vacuum debris, multi-stage sweep/mop
  • Remove garbage & replace bags
  • Includes all items from Spotless Spruce up
  • Detailed dusting: dusting on a daily basis, includes high dusting such as exposed HVAC or plumbing, signage, walls, wall & ceiling mounted items, shelves, tops of cabinets, furniture & baseboards
  • Storefront windows & full clean of interior glass
  • Stainless steel polishing
  • Removal of stains: walls, doors, counters, baseboards and floors
  • Breakroom appliances cleaning: int/ext of fridges, microwaves, etc.
  • Restock of consumables: soaps, shampoos, toilet paper, paper towels, etc.
  • Washing of dishes

Depending on floor type we can: strip, wax, buff, refinish or deep scrub

Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? We can gladly work together to come up with a custom solution to fit your needs.