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Making the city cleaner every day.

Our mission is to change the cleaning industry

Spotless by J. Ferrari is a commercial cleaning company in Philadelphia whose mission is to change the cleaning industry.

When you hire Spotless for your commercial cleaning needs, you will not have to worry about a lack of training and quality.

In order to be a great business, we believe that we need to have a team of incredible people at the forefront. Providing the best commercial cleaning services in Philadelphia means building a team of highly-motivated dreamers and doers, people who want the best, which means they only give the best.

Cleaning Services For Your Commercial Facility 

Owning or running a business means that you have a huge amount of responsibilities. From vision planning, to hiring and running a staff, to strategy implementation, and just overall doing what you do best, your time and attention is needed in a number of places. The last thing that you want to worry about is the upkeep of your office space or warehouse.

You need a cleaning company in Philadelphia that will take care of your facility cleaning needs and allow you to focus on the more essential aspects of your business. Spotless by J. Ferrari is the commercial cleaning company that you need in order to ensure your office space is kept up to the highest quality standards.

Spotless sets you free to focus on what you should be focusing on; your business. Leave the dirty stuff up to us.

Spotless Commercial Cleaning Services

You won’t need to waste time, money, or effort any longer when you hire Spotless for your commercial cleaning needs. We know that every business facility is different and every business has its own specific needs. That is why we provide services for anything you need when it comes to cleaning.

We have a number of cleaning packages for you to choose from in order to best meet the unique needs of your Philadelphia business. Our services include basic through in-depth tasks, fixture dusting through stain removal and floor buffing.

No matter what type of office or warehouse you have, Spotless by J. Ferrari has a commercial cleaning package for you.

• Spruce Up

Highly recommended for warehouses and office spaces that don’t host meetings, Spruce Up is for basic cleanings. This package includes basic weekly dusting such as lighting, furniture, ventilation, shelving, baseboards, and tops of cabinets. It also includes disinfecting surfaces such as desks, bathrooms, counters, door handles, wastebaskets, phones, and computers/keyboards. Other basic cleanings included in the Spruce Up package is spot cleaning of interior glass (not including front windows), removing the garbage, replacing garbage bags, and sweep/mopping floor or vacuuming.

• Superior

If you regularly host client meetings in your office or have spaces that face your clients or customers, then this detail-oriented cleaning is probably just what you need. Our team will give you a truly spotless office space that includes the Spruce Up package plus a whole lot more! The additional services that you receive with Superior include detailed dusting of exposed HVAC and plumbing, signage, walls, wall and ceiling-mounted items, as well as basic areas, on a daily basis. Other areas of service include washing dishes, restocking consumables, cleaning breakroom appliances, and cleaning storefront windows.

• Solution

For spaces that need regular, but not necessarily daily, detailed cleaning, Solution is the solution for you. We customize this package to meet your unique office or warehouse needs.

• Start

Getting your office space back up and running after renovations or moving into a new building can be time-consuming and difficult. Our Start package is the answer. We recommend this package before opening after moving or after the completion of construction or renovations. The Start services include heavy dusting of ceilings, walls, furniture, baseboards, and cabinets, a multi-stage wipe-down of counters, walls, cabinets, furniture, baseboards, and bathrooms, stain removal, exterior and interior glass cleaning, floor cleaning, as well as removal and replacement of garbage bags.

• Shine

For facilities that frequently host clients, customers, and students, this specialty floor-cleaning package is just what you need. Services depend on the type of flooring in your office and can include stripping, waxing, buffing, refinishing, and/or a deep scrub.

Peace of mind commercial cleaning for your Philadelphia office or warehouse

We embrace the modern age by utilizing top technologies in order to ensure the most efficient and simple means of communication between our team and our clients. Spotless uses a company app to keep all parties updated, allow for efficient ease of communication, and to make sure that every job is done perfectly, to company standards.

Swept app 

We stand by the quality, productivity, consistency, and promptness of our cleaning staff. Our company app, Swept, allows for instant management notification if issues arise or if your cleaning team is tardy.

Swept provides an efficient way for cleaning staff to have total and instant access to the checklists, notes, photos, and security information that is essential for completing the work in your facility, in 100 languages.

As a client, you will have access to the Swept app as well, in order to ensure your peace of mind during the cleaning process, ensuring that the job is done with top-quality. Using the app, you will have the ability to communicate with management and your cleaning team in real-time. Through the Swept app, you will also be able to leave notes, comments, and photos directly from your smartphone in order to open communication about any issues or changes that need to be made.

Top-notch service

Spotless by J. Ferrari is a service-based business. That means that it is our job to ensure that the services we provide are done right. While many cleaning businesses leave a bad taste in their clients’ mouths due to poor work quality, the inability to communicate, and lack of integrity on the part of the cleaning crew, Spotless provides a different experience. We are working hard to change the negative reputation that commercial cleaning businesses have.

Spotless stands out as a cleaning business that cares about people; employees and clients alike. We hire only the best because not only do we want to bring the best to our clients, we also want to provide our team members with incredible opportunities. We value our employees, treating them with respect, and utilizing their talents and abilities wherever and whenever we can. We give our employees the chance to shine.

By building a workplace culture that cares about our employees and seeks the best for them, we are building a team of cleaning staff that is loyal to Spotless and to our clientele. We focus on community and camaraderie, on developing connection so that our teams work together seamlessly, providing an incredible result in every facility they clean.

We aren’t just a cleaning business. We are on a mission to change the cleaning industry, filling it with highly motivated individuals who care about their work and about serving others. We want to ensure that you can focus on your business while we focus on the upkeep. At Spotless, we are changing the standards of the commercial cleaning industry.