How to Get More Clients with a Better Website


Your company website is one of the first places you have to make an impression on a potential customer – but how do you know if your site is making the most of this opportunity or actually hurting your chances of converting traffic to customers?


Does your website look like it’s stuck in 1995? If it doesn’t look modern and up to date, anyone who visits will assume that since you can’t put effort and money into your website, you probably don’t do so with your business either.

Whether or not that’s true, visitors to your site make judgements about your business in only a few seconds, based on what they see; if they see old, ugly and abandoned you can bet they aren’t going to be customers.

But don’t worry – even if your site is old school, you don’t need to spend a ton to get it looking good. Today sites like Squarespace enable people without any coding experience to create a beautifully designed website for as low as $20/month.


Have you ever been to a website that had way too much information? Typically it overwhelms your senses and you get frustrated and leave. As the business owner you care about how great you are and all your features and your great staff, etc. but your potential customers do not. While it’s ok to have an information rich site, don’t make these things your headlines.

Cut out the noise and make your website very clean and easy to read – get your point across within 8 seconds (because studies say that’s all you have) and then leave all the extras embedded within your site menu for those who are interested to search and read about if they want.


What is your goal when people visit your site? Do you want them to call you? Do you want them to purchase something or make a reservation?

Make sure you have a single, clear call to action and carry that throughout all pages of the website. Landing pages (essentially simplified websites with one clear purpose) have higher conversion rates than most websites because they are clear in their calls to action.

If you want your visitors to make a reservation but you have a button for them to call you, one to email you, one to sign up for a special promotion, etc. you will merely confuse them and they will be much less likely to do the one thing you ultimately want them to do. Tell them what you want them to do and make it clear and obvious.


What is your potential customer’s favorite subject? Themselves! So then why is your website all about you?

Contrary to popular belief, a great and high-converting website is not about the company but rather what the company can do for the potential customer.

Telling them about your great amenities and how you’re better than other businesses in your industry will not get them excited and rushing to become a customer but telling them how amazing your clothes will make them look for example or how their lives will be enhanced and problems solved by working with you, will get them interested.

Do an audit of your site – how many times do you see the words “we” or “us”? Switch up your language to make it about your customer and you’ll see what a difference it makes.


Unless you have an entire marketing team constantly working to update your site, you likely set it and forget it – that is, made your website in the beginning and never gave it much thought after that.

This is a huge mistake as first impressions really do count and staying new and fresh online will lead potential customers to have a positive impression of your business and be more likely to convert.

Additionally there’s a huge difference between having a website that converts versus merely having a website just to say you have one. Go through this list and make changes to your site accordingly – we promise you’ll see an increase in conversions when you do.

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