Top 3 Ways Cleaning Companies Let Their Customers Down

Let’s face it, the cleaning industry SUCKS! Is that weird coming from a cleaning company? Maybe…but the fact is we hate the negative stigmas associated with the industry and the three main complaints below. We are on a mission to change the stagnant cleaning industry by being the complete opposite of all those lousy services […]

5 Tips to Take The Headache Out of Hiring

Introduction Ahh the joys of hiring. Good people who are willing to work and commit are so hard to find and once you hire someone, train them and start to feel settled, someone else quits or gets fired and the process repeats…sound familiar? As a cleaning company, we probably understand the struggles of hiring more than any […]

Marketing with Cleaning – A Genius Approach to Get Your Business Noticed

What’s your plan? Does your business currently have a cleaning plan? Do you market that plan to your clients and potential clients? If not you are missing a huge client attraction opportunity. Marketing a cleaning plan is an excellent customer attraction and retention tool for any business, but especially for fitness studios and gyms, childcare […]

4 Steps to Building Your Dream Team

INTRODUCTION Creating the perfect team to ensure your business is running smoothly at all times is the ultimate goal, but it’s also something that so many businesses struggle with. Often times, owners or higher level managers will get frustrated with the constant turnover and decide to do everything themselves rather than really take the time […]

How to Get More Clients with a Better Website

INTRODUCTION Your company website is one of the first places you have to make an impression on a potential customer – but how do you know if your site is making the most of this opportunity or actually hurting your chances of converting traffic to customers? 1. GET UP TO DATE Does your website look […]

Better Your Business (and yourself) – Top Business Books & Podcasts

Introduction Self education is key to success and although we all have busy lives – especially those of us running a business – there are more ways than ever to consume knowledge on the go. Audiobooks on and podcasts are hugely important for us to learn how to grow and improve our business while […]

Dirty Little Secrets of a Yoga Mat

Yoga is supposed to be restorative and promote good health and well-being, so would it surprise you to know that the mats you’re practicing on are filthier than a toilet seat in a public restroom? The subject of cleanliness inside a yoga studio is a topic not often discussed, however there is a very real […]

The Power of Proof

Introduction It’s no secret that now more than ever, social proof is a huge driver of a brand’s success. So why is this still such an underutilized marketing tactic for many businesses? 1. Realize the Power in Proof Chances are you have at least a few long time clients or customers who your business has […]

How to Retain Employees Without Breaking the Bank

Introduction So you made it successfully through the hiring process and have an awesome new hire – congrats! But now the real challenge begins, keeping that employee. Just like with clients, your best but often most undervalued employees are the ones you already have! It’s a lot easier/cheaper to keep your employees rather than find […]

How to Gain New Clients Using Strategic Partnerships

Introduction When running a business it’s not uncommon to get stuck in the weeds, focusing on all the small everyday details of running your operation – often working as an operator rather than an owner, or regular employee rather than manager. But what about the big picture? Partnerships are an important weapon in the big […]