About Us

On a mission to change the industry.

Lack of quality and supervision, high turnover, no training, mistrust... Don't you think it's time for a change?

Not your average cleaning company.

If you’ve ever hired a cleaning service, chances are you understand what we’re talking about. It’s always the same.

They send you a warm body – someone who may or may not speak your language, maybe it’s a different person every day, maybe they have a criminal background…they are untrained (“I’ve cleaned my apartment, that counts as experience, right?”) and unsupervised. No one checks in to see what kind of service is being provided and no one contacts you to see if you are satisfied.

Eventually you give up on complaining and allow them to continue on as your service provider because you have other, more important things to worry about or you fire them and start all over again. Rinse and repeat.

So what does Spotless do differently?

A service based business is only as good as the people providing that service. By focusing on our people we foster great relationships with happy employees who genuinely want to provide outstanding service to our clients.

There is no such thing as warm-body syndrome here. A quick glance at our hiring application and you’ll realize we are looking for something different. We qualify our people with real goals and ambitions, people who want more than just another crappy job and we don’t hire until we find those people.

We integrate technology through our hiring process through a virtual application to video interviews and finally an in person interview.

They must understand and share our company core values and be excited about becoming a part of our team.

Our secret is simple: train and coach only the best!

Did you know that 96% of businesses would prefer to use a cleaning company that uses technology to increase communication and quality over one that uses pen and paper?

We embrace technology to improve and simplify communication with our cleaning staff and our clients.

Via our company app, Swept, our management is alerted when there is an issue or a cleaner is late for their shift.

Our cleaning staff have access to everything they need to successfully complete their jobs (checklists, photos of your space highlighting what’s important to you, notes and secure information) right at their fingertips and in 100 different languages.

Our clients are able to take an active role in our quality-control program with access to this app from their smartphone or tablet. You can communicate in real-time with our management and cleaners, leave notes, comments, and even photos all with simplicity and ease from your smartphone, allowing us to address minor issues before they become complaints.

Why is the turnover in the industry so high?

Because the employees don’t have a reason to stay, it’s just a job to them. So give them a reason to stay. We work tirelessly to build a strong community – something that our people can be a part of and feel connected to. Whether getting to know co-workers and management through company parties, team jobs or our company social media app, Spotless employees care about one another.

At another company when they are tired and don’t feel like going to work in the morning, they don’t – they can easily get another job. But when a Spotless employee doesn’t feel like going to work, they remember all their friends they will be letting down and the feeling of belonging to a group that they would miss so much if they left, and that’s what keeps them going.

Appreciation for hard work is not only easy, it’s often times free! Cleaning is typically a thankless job. What will keep you motivated to scrub a toilet on your hands and knees or mop up a mess when a liquid-filled garbage bag bottoms out? A little appreciation goes a long way.

Our cleaning staff uploads photos of their work to our company app and receives appreciation and encouragement from both their peers and management on a daily basis. We also hold contests and recognize “Spotless Star” employees with rewards and appreciation to further show our gratitude for the work they do.

How many cleaning companies offer their employees real opportunity? For most, it’s a dead-end job with no potential for growth and advancement, much less a career.

At Spotless we genuinely believe in providing opportunities for our employees and are willing to fit them in wherever they have interest and talent. Whenever there is a new position available, we broadcast it to our team first. Because we select growth-minded individuals and people who share our company core values in the initial hiring process, promoting from within is easy.

As you can see, we aren’t your typical cleaning company. It is our mission to set the new standard for cleaning companies across the industry to follow. Change and progress or remain the same and fail. There are no other options.

Who is spotless?

From our humble beginnings in Allentown, Pennsylvania with a mop and bucket, we realized early on that businesses seemed to harbor resentment towards cleaning services, despite their clear need for them.

After polling hundreds of businesses we came to a pivotal conclusion: that the cleaning industry is broken and stagnant – its plagued with carelessness, unreliability, poor quality of work, lack of supervision and extremely high turnover.

Rather than become just another cleaning service, we decided it was time for a change – not just for our company but for the industry as a whole.

Our big dreams and drive for real change brought us to New York City where we serve a growing client base with a team of passionate people on a mission to change the cleaning industry and to truly serve others.

Through careful selection, thorough training and support, appreciation, community and a real opportunity for growth, we serve our employees, who serve our clients with the highest quality of work and commitment.

Our approach is unlike any other cleaning company you will encounter. We look forward for the opportunity to show you the Spotless difference, setting a new standard for what a cleaning company can provide.