5 Tips to Take The Headache Out of Hiring


Ahh the joys of hiring. Good people who are willing to work and commit are so hard to find and once you hire someone, train them and start to feel settled, someone else quits or gets fired and the process repeats…sound familiar?

As a cleaning company, we probably understand the struggles of hiring more than any other business out there – but, there’s hope. We have really refined our process over time to something that works very, very well. So without further adieu, here are 5 tips to turn your hiring from headache to handled.

1.  Rely on a reliable job board.

Let’s face it, Craigslist sucks. Can you find good help there? Sure. Is it reliable? No way, not to mention the cost to post an ad really ads up & loses ranking quickly. 

We’ve found Indeed to be much more effective – both cost and candidate wise. Another great resource if you’re in the fitness industry is Talent Hack, a NYC fitness-industry-only job board to find great people for all kinds of positions (jump on this one now, it’s in Beta and currently FREE to use).

2. Use video to screen candidates

You can often tell within minutes if you’d consider hiring someone or not but for fear of hurting feelings we sit through interviews we know are a waste of time.

Use a free option like Skype or Google Hangout to screen potential candidates before meeting in person with a quick video chat (it’s really important to see people as well which is why this works better than phone screening).

Want to step up your game? The video interview platform, Spark Hire has been an absolute game changer for us. Candidates can easily record video answers to a set of questions on their own time & you can watch them on yours.

3.  Make it difficult to get hired

Because of the time and stress the hiring process often causes, it’s easy to hire someone you like based on one quick interview –but resist the urge! Not only does this de-value the job you’re offering in the mind of the candidate (if it’s that easy to get hired you must not care, right) but it also doesn’t give you any indication of the interest a candidate has in working with your company. 

Make it a multi-step process – even for the most menial of jobs – this will show you who is really interested and who doesn’t care (trust us the drop off of candidates in the process will be significant, but those who make it through are likely to be strong, committed candidates, not desperate job-hoppers). 

4.  Hire on a constant basis

Even if you are at capacity with staff, it’s unlikely that they are all A players. If they are, consider yourself lucky but also be wise enough to anticipate changes – people will quit or move or get sick or fired, etc., it’s just reality.

If you wait until someone does leave and you need the help, you’re much more likely to make a bad hire out of desperation. Even if you resist that urge and don’t make a desperate hire, you could be stuck short-staffed for weeks while you search for someone great. 

Our advice? Hire on an on-going basis. Even if you don’t need anyone today, you will tomorrow (or next month, etc.) – build up a pool of qualified applicants so that when the time comes you’ll have people to contact and won’t be scrambling for help.

5.  Automate the process

If you think all of this sounds like a lot of extra work, you might be right, but it saves tons of time and money in the long run.

Better yet, automate the process so that it’s working even when you’re not (hopefully there is a time when you’re not…).  As an example, our hiring process is fully automated, meaning that potential candidates are invited to fill out our application, then qualified candidates emailed to film a video interview, then invited to an in-person interview (even emailed reminders and a link to fill out availability) all without our team doing anything – seriously.

There are tons of tools available (some free, some low cost) to set this up and you do not have to be a technology wiz to do it! Trust us, do this and your life will be infinitely easier.


Bottom line: refining and perfecting your hiring process can be one of the greatest cost and time savers you can do for your business. Hopefully you’ll take the steps to implement these tips, simplifying your hiring process and in turn making better hires and getting rid of that headache!

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