4 Steps to Building Your Dream Team


Creating the perfect team to ensure your business is running smoothly at all times is the ultimate goal, but it’s also something that so many businesses struggle with.

Often times, owners or higher level managers will get frustrated with the constant turnover and decide to do everything themselves rather than really take the time to build the foundation needed to build the perfect team.

If any of this sounds familiar, read on for 4 tips on how to get the team of your dreams!

1. Systems, systems, systems!

We can’t stress enough how important it is to have a system in place for hiring your people rather than just winging it every time you need someone.

So what does a hiring system look like?

First of all, hiring should be continuous. That doesn’t mean taking down your hiring ad as soon as you’ve filled the position, but rather always be hiring! Even if you don’t technically need new people all the time, you will need someone at some point and it’s better to have a pool of qualified applicants to choose from, rather than panicking and hiring someone out of desperation.

Additionally, the quest to an all-star team means replacing those who aren’t “A” players with those who are – continuous hiring is what makes this possible.

Last, your system for hiring should be planned out – maybe it’s three step process – from filling out an online application to phone interviews based on application responses to in-person interview to interview with the entire management team. It can look however you’d like it to, but make sure that it’s a multi-step process and also that you repeat the same process every time.

2. Hire employees over independent contractors

This can feel taxing (literally) on finances for smaller business owners, however employees are overwhelmingly more committed than independent contractors, will help build your brand, and generally have more buy-in.

You can legally exert more control over the behaviors and performance of employees as you shape your brand and the overall brand experience. If it’s important to you to build a great team, it’s worth it.

3. Sell your vision

This is where a lot of business owners and managers fall short – they have a vision for their company in their minds or shared among top managers, but they fail to effectively communicate this vision to the rest of the team.

Make every effort to plan and communicate your vision to your entire team – this means when new hires come on board, take the time to sit down with them and sell them on your vision. This will generate buy-in and create an army of people who don’t just work for you but who also share your vision and will work to further it.

4. Don’t sweat the turnover

Sure enough, just as you find great people, someone will have a baby or move or find a new position, etc. – this is just the nature of the business, heck the nature of almost all businesses.

But the point here is not to stress – if you have a strong hiring system in place, you hire employees over contractors & successfully communicate your vision you won’t need to sweat the turnover.


Finding your perfect team will be an on-going process as long as you own or work in a business – as soon as you can accept that and put the systems in place to find the right people, you will be on your way to an excellent team to share in your visions and goals!

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