How Employee Rewards Can Translate to Major Returns

Do you reward your excellent employees for their hard work and dedication? Chances are if you do, it’s something like a Christmas or end of fiscal year bonus. Personally I have never worked for a company that gave actual rewards besides the aforementioned bonus.  And a once per year bonus is nice, technically you are […]

Employees: A Crucial Component of Business Success

A Crucial Component to your Businesses Success It’s too easy to get caught up in the day to day hustle, forgetting one critical aspect of your business. What is a business’s most important asset? You may think cash, obviously. But, it’s actually your employees. Yes, your employees. Why are employees your most critical asset? The […]

Why Is Business So Hard?

Why is business so hard? Well, the good news is, it doesn’t have to be. If you own or operate a business you are the manager, the customer service representative, HR department, accounts receivable, the stock person, operations director, the porter, you hire and fire, ordering supplies… you get the hint. Does this sound familiar? […]

What Do My Customers Want From Me??

What do my customers want from me?  We have all heard the expression, “To each his own.”  Its a simple phrase, but a relevant and powerful one. Simply put, your customers are demanding, there’s a ton of competition, they expect the best of the best. You feel the pressure to provide the best possible service […]

96% of Businesses Agree…Do You?

Did you know that 96% of businesses would prefer to use a cleaning company that uses technology to increase communication and quality over one that uses pen and paper? Most cleaning companies seem to be stuck in 1990 when everything was done with pen and paper…but does that make sense today? Technology may not be […]

Top 3 Ways Cleaning Companies Let Their Customers Down

Let’s face it, the cleaning industry SUCKS! Is that weird coming from a cleaning company? Maybe…but the fact is we hate the negative stigmas associated with the industry and the three main complaints below. We are on a mission to change the stagnant cleaning industry by being the complete opposite of all those lousy services […]

5 Tips to Take The Headache Out of Hiring

Introduction Ahh the joys of hiring. Good people who are willing to work and commit are so hard to find and once you hire someone, train them and start to feel settled, someone else quits or gets fired and the process repeats…sound familiar? As a cleaning company, we probably understand the struggles of hiring more than any […]

Marketing with Cleaning – A Genius Approach to Get Your Business Noticed

What’s your plan? Does your business currently have a cleaning plan? Do you market that plan to your clients and potential clients? If not you are missing a huge client attraction opportunity. Marketing a cleaning plan is an excellent customer attraction and retention tool for any business, but especially for fitness studios and gyms, childcare […]

4 Steps to Building Your Dream Team

INTRODUCTION Creating the perfect team to ensure your business is running smoothly at all times is the ultimate goal, but it’s also something that so many businesses struggle with. Often times, owners or higher level managers will get frustrated with the constant turnover and decide to do everything themselves rather than really take the time […]